Trees offer so many benefits for the environment, and having one in your yard is not a bad thing at all. You get a cleaner atmosphere, a cool place for shade in the heat, and if it is also a fruit tree, you get fresh fruits to spice up your meal. With all these benefits, trees do have their disadvantages. They grow inordinately, and their roots and branches can affect your home and even damage different parts of your home if the tree is not properly cared for. However, tree care can be very expensive, especially since you can’t do most of the work yourself; you will need a professional tree service company to take care of your tree for you. This article looks at the most expensive tree care jobs and why tree care is so expensive.

Tree Services

Tree Removal: The most expensive of all tree services is removing a tree. The cost of this would depend on factors such as the size of the tree. This service usually entails cutting down the tree and grinding the tree stump. Some trees like oak can grow very tall and are extremely difficult to remove, so they usually cost over $1000 to remove a big oak tree. The location can also be a factor if the tree is somewhere out of the way.

Tree Pruning: Instead of removing your trees, you can simply prune the tree branches to keep it in check and prevent it from damaging your home roof and windows. The cost of pruning your tree will depend on how tall the tree, which determines how high the tree service company has to reach to prune your tree. The average cost of pruning a tree is about $450, but the cost can go much higher based on the tree’s size. Some companies would also help you to cut the pruned branches to make firewood.

Stump Removal: Stump removal is a part of tree removal that must be done if you are to enjoy your yard after tree removal. When you remove your tree, it is essential to remove the stump as well as they can cause a nuisance that would lead to more problems for you. The effects of not removing tree stumps include tree regrowth, insects, damage to the landscape, physical hazard, etc. Stump removal as high as $350 at times, and it is advisable to do it when you are removing your tree.

Removing Fallen and Dead Trees: Trees can die of their own accord, and when it happens, you will need to remove them. This usually costs about $150, but the cost can rise where the tree you are removing requires more than the standard equipment. This could happen when such trees are very tall and big.

Why Tree Care Jobs Are Expensive

Complexity Of The Task: Tree care is a very complex job no matter which one you are doing. For instance, tree removal requires that you cut the trees in sections to prevent severe damage to the landscape and property. Special tools such as cranes, aerial lifts, mechanical saws, etc. are used in the process of removing or pruning a tree. All of which means more cost.

The Risk Associated With The Task: Pruning or removing trees is a dangerous and difficult job. Thus, it requires licenses, permits, and insurance to carry out the task. Also, most trees are removed because they constitute a high risk to the property. Thus the tree service company takes on a considerable degree of responsibility with each job. Click here for more information on tree trimming.