Tips For Creating a Better Patio With Concrete

Tips For Creating a Better Patio With Concrete

Jul 20, 2020 by Leo Burke
  • Get creative with paint

Photo by Royal Design Studio Stencils

Inexpensive ways are available for homeowners to spruce up their existing backyard concrete patios.

“A faux rug, created using paint and stencil, is an affordable idea for warming up old pavement on a patio.” 

For a long-lasting finish, he recommends porch paint rated for outdoor use. Before applying, you should power-wash the concrete. 

  • Install clay pavers for your patio

“You could also resurface your old backyard patio with new clay pavers,”

Clay pavers are bricks with full strength that had been hard-fired in a kiln. This allows them to stand up to the rays and foul weather of the Sun. They ‘re cheaper than natural stone, with skilled installation at prices ranging from $3 to $15 per square foot. 

  • Stain or seal the concrete

Applying a fresh stain or a sealer over an existing backyard patio is the most cost-effective idea for updating concrete.

  • Curate an outdoor living room for entertaining

Now more than ever, homeowners are fully focused on creating indoor-outdoor rooms for entertaining. Sassano recommends increasing the seating with lounge chairs to make the patio a comfortable gathering place. A weather-resistant outdoor rug will help establish the dining area. Enhance the landscaping with homemade flower boxes or a container garden, string lights, a water feature, or a pergola, and then heat things up in the backyard with a portable fire pit.

  • Fake the look of stone

Photo by Haijoe Stamped Concrete Specialist 

A DIY-savvy homeowner may try to build a concrete patio that looks like natural stone or brick, there are many different methods and ideas.

 “A very easy way to get fast results is with a patterned rubber roller specifically made for concrete patio designs,” 

This is shaped like a giant paint roller and is used to make indentations that look like stone or brick while the concrete is healing. Home improvement stores sell concrete rollers in different patterns of stone, brick, and graphics, but they are not inexpensive.

 “If you plan on installing a couple of stamped walkways in addition to a decorative patio, a roller may be worth the investment to some homeowners,” 

A concrete stamping pad is a cheaper option. They ‘re lightweight rubber parts with patterns embossed. Place the stamp on wet concrete to use and apply pressure; raise and repeat. One of the best ways to imitate the cobblestone look is in a concrete mold. You place the mold on the ground rather than stamping out the pattern and then fill it with concrete. You then stack it with a garden spade and take the mold off, and repeat the process until the project in the backyard is complete.