Hiring Concrete Contractors For A New Home

Hiring the right concrete contractor when you’re planning a restoration project is important. A poorly planned or executed pour can end up costing thousands of dollars to repair, and can set your deadline back by weeks.  Every company in existence was just starting out at some point, and if it weren’t for clients taking a chance on us in the early days, we wouldn’t be here today.


However, we also understand that you have a limited budget and deserve the best concrete work your money can buy. While a new company might charge less, one that has been in business for at least 5 years probably has a solid network of suppliers, understands the prep work required for local soil conditions, has a proven track record and offers a broad selection of services, such as decorative concrete or paver installation.

Seeking a Contractor

We suggest developing a list of concrete contractors in the Sioux Falls area. An internet search or looking through your phone book’s yellow pages will provide you with a few names. Ask friends and neighbors who they suggest. When you speak with a concrete contractor about your upcoming project, ask them if they are licensed and insured. An unlicensed contractor hasn’t agreed to abide by the laws of the state, which probably means he/she isn’t going to do the extra work required to meet local codes either.


You’ll also want to ask for proof of insurance. In the event your property becomes damaged due to negligence by the contractor, you want to be sure his/her insurance will cover the costs of repairs. In addition, be sure the contractor carries worker’s compensation insurance so that you are not liable to cover employees who may become injured on your property. A good concrete contractor isn’t afraid to provide references when you ask for them; a great concrete contractor offers them before you ask.

Making a Decision

Once you’ve narrowed down your contractor list to a few that perform the kind of work you’re looking for, seek out estimates, and then compare them to each other. If one company’s bid is drastically lower than the rest, try to find out why. Exceedingly low estimates can mean the contractor uses inferior products or doesn’t do the necessary prep work for a quality finish. If the quotes are fairly close and the references are all good, then you can narrow the list down again based on who can get to your project the quickest.

Feeling Comfortable

It’s important that you feel comfortable with the person in charge of your concrete project. Make sure they are asking questions about your expectations, how your new concrete will be used, and when you expect the installation to be finished. Too many contractors agree to projects that they simply do not have time to complete well and on time. Your contractor should welcome your questions and answer them directly. He/she should be friendly and approachable and return all calls or emails in a reasonable amount of time.