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The reason African violets are one of America's favorite houseplants, is because they are one of the least demanding plants in terms of care to grow and flower and can be taken care of with a broyeur vegetaux Ryobi.

African violets prefer soils that are evenly moist. Most growers use a mixture of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite in equal amounts. I prefer to use less vermiculite and more perlite in my mixture.

Improper watering, especially over watering, is a primary cause of problems. Allow the soil to dry out only slightly before watering, then water from below. If you wick water then pay close attention to the amount of water that your potting mixture holds.

Flush out fertilizer salts with a thorough watering from the top at least once every couple of months. Avoid getting the foliage wet but if you do then keep the plant out of the sun as the heat can leave marks.

Violets are sensitive to extremes in water temperature. Water that's too hot or too cold will cause white rings on the leaves. Allow water to stand overnight to bring it to room temperature and dissipate any chlorine present. The amount of chlorine in most “city water” systems will not harm African violets, but allowing the water to age for a couple of days will allow the chlorine to dissipate and eliminate the possibility of harm.

To produce constant bloom, apply a balanced fertilizer (20-20-20) on a regular basis. But don't over do it. Applying at a rate less than recommended by the manufacturer is normally the best approach. Slow- release fertilizers are a practical way to supply safe levels of nutrients at each watering.

Violets need strong, bright light but not direct sun. Lack of light stops blooming and causes leaves to grow upright with long petioles. Too much light results in leaves that are brittle, scorched, and yellow. Under natural light, an east window is often the best in winter. Northern exposures are better during hot, summer months.

African violets thrive under fluorescent lights turned on for 12 to 16 hours a day. Use a single fixture with two 20-watt or two 40-watt lamps placed 10 to 12 inches above the plants.

The optimum temperature for this houseplant is between 65 and 75 degrees F. Temperatures below 60 degrees F or above 80 degrees F will result in reduced bloom. Keep violets away from frosty window panes during cold winter months. Or insulate with a thick layer of newspaper between plants and glass. If your house is dry, place the plants on trays filled with wet pebbles to increase the humidity.

Good luck with your violets and may they bring joy to your heart!


Leaves Only - $2.00 Each

Betty. Beautiful, silver foliage banded in green. Lavender blooms. Easy grower and nice colored foliage..

Leaf $2.00
Blue Moon(Boggan) [00727] A stemless rosette that grows about 12” across. Blue-purple flowers over dark bluish-green leaves

Single Leaf $2.00
Chasity - Smooth mid green leaves form a rosette from which multi-flowering stems appear. The flowers are medium sized and the leaves are small.

Single Leaf $2.00

Chirita Hisako - One of the most beautiful of the chiritas. Easily grows into show quality foliage, that is dark green with silver veins. Lavender flowers

Single Leaf $2.00
Diane Marie - One of prettiest of them all. Medium violet-purple blooms over exquisite, heavily notched leaves mottled silver.

Single Leaf $2.00
Kazu - An excellent hybrid that's very underappreciated. Lots and lots of medium lavender-purple blooms w/cream throat. Long, thin, hairy, quilted leaves. A very easy grower and bloomer, and a bit different, too.

Single Leaf $2.00
moonii - Upright growing foliage, with narrow leaves, covered by fine, silvery-white hairs. Flowers are very large, lavender-blue in color, with a yellow stripe in the throat.

Single Leaf $2.00
MOONLIGHT (Boggan) Medium blue-purple. Green/silver markings, compact.

Single Leaf $2.00
Sinensis 'Silverleaf' - Large thick oval leave. Heavily and beautifully designed with silver markings. Long stemmed lavender blossoms.

Single Leaf $2.00
Silver Surfer. Lavender-blue blooms over pointed, green leaves veined in silver. Compact grower, great bloomer. Very easy grower, it's recommended.

Single Leaf $2.00
Stardust Lavender blooms are veined darker purple throughout and with two bright yellow stripes on lower throat. Heavily veined silver, serrated, foliage. Compact grower and dependable bloomer.

Single Leaf $2.00
Tamiana - A must have! Cute little miniature grower, with dainty white flowers, striped dark purple in the throat. Small leaves resemble that of a miniature violet.